For professional chipping

KESLA  wood chipper has several patented features, which guarantee performance, durability and quality.

Chipper has a modular set-up structure: machine can be easily equipped according the customers needs: chassis, axle, drive, brakes, 13m3 container, KESLA  loader and industrial applications.

Productivity as high as 120 m3 per hour with materials varying from round wood to sawing waste.

Models :

  • 4560C

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Leading the way in timber loading

KESLA  truck loader models range between 6 and 12 tonne metres. KESLA loaders are famous for finished quality and industrial design.
Our customer orientation can be seen through the large option list. KLESLA  has two own cabin models.

Models :Truckloader

Short wood loaders

  • F2006
  • F2008/T
  • F2009/F2009-4/T
  • F2010/T
  • F2012/T


  • F2005Z/T
  • F2011Z/T
  • P500Z (Z-crane in the Patu-range)


  • NT
  • SR


  • F29
  • F38
  • F45

Productivity in all conditions

KESLA has introduced two new modern models: H1395 and H13105 with motor skew. Many OEM-customers rely on the KESLA quality.

Choose suitable model from our  KESLA crane selection.

Models :

  • F400-1MH, F500-1MH and F500-2MH
  • H560 and H570
  • H1195
  • H1395 and H13105
  • H1690
  • KESLA  X-tender boom extension/foot for excavators

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Reliability in all conditions

KESLA forwarder cranes models range from 4 to 7 tonne metres. F700R crane model is a skidding crane.
Long production history and co-operation with end-users guarantee excellent operating characteristics

Models :

  • F400
  • F500
  • F600
  • F700
  • F700R

Cutting edge productivity

The range of  KESLA  harvester heads has models suitable for machinery from 8 tonne wheeled thinning harvesters to 30 tonne base machines.

KESLA harvester heads are compatible with several types of measuring devices. Take also a look at  KESLA harvester cranes.

Models :

  • F18RH/RHS
  • F20RH/RHS
  • F25RH/RHS
  • 27RH-II
  • F30RH/RHS
  • KESLA X-tender boom for crawler-mounted base machines
  • KESLA SH-harvester heads

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