To our industrial production belongs timber harvesters, KETO-harvesters. To "the product family" belongs totally 8 different format classes. Machine models from the smallest to the biggest one: Keto-51, Keto-100, Keto-150, Keto-500, Keto-525, Keto-800, Keto-1000, new Supreme-serie and Keto Forst.

The KETO single-grip harvesters can be attached to farm and forestry tractors and to excavators.

The KETO harvesters have a low weight relative to thei performance. Further advantages are the safe hydraulic system and the unique track feed that handles the tree gently. The series includes models from any task from thinning to exacting final felling.

The track feed, frame construction, hydraulic system and tilt of the KETO harvesters are protected by world-wide patents.

The most important export countries of KETO harvesters are: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Irland, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Canada, USA, Japan and Australia.